Ranch Info

The Ainsworth family of the Lazy S Ranch are pioneers of the Red & Black Simmental breed in Canada.  They have been in the purebred Simmental business since 1968 and registered Angus cattle for 19 years. Our cattle ranching operation has grown to 1,000 cows calving annually!   The seedstock cow herd is managed under similar conditions as our commercial cow-calf customers manage their own herds. Calves are raised on milk and Grass.  NO CREEP FEED.  After weaning cows run out on re-growth hay fields, then on to swath grazing until about mid January. Simmental and Angus cows are all wintered together, our cows gain weight swath grazing with no grain or supplemental feed, and come in for calving in February in good shape.  We love the Black and Red Factor cattle for their hardiness and low management traits. The calves get up at birth and suck. The pigmentation on udders, feet, eyes, and uniformity in your calves in the fall reap great returns. Weaning weights and carcass traits are outstanding.

The Lazy S Ranch breeding decisions are based on the cattle industry & our customer demands!